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For decades, Magnat has stood for the consequent path toward a unadulterated and pure sound. On this path, the brand has developed several legends in car audio and home audio and set standards worldwide. Today, the Magnat product range is in tune with the latest trends and continuously moves the boundaries of acoustic development with innovations

The legend lives

The melodious names of Magnat history have been replaced today by new, but no less unique products. As an acoustic pioneer, the brand stands for honest, self-conscious commitment to clarity, consistency and precision from development to production to audio tuning. To build a Magnat speaker means making no compromises.

The sound counts.

The Magnat design is clear, timeless and follows the requirements of perfect design for unadulterated sound.

Let yourself be inspired by the great series and highlights of current high-end transducers and electronic components!

Over 40 years of Magnat - the legend lives on 

  • Products with cult status

    Other key stages of development of the 70s were the development of the stable aluminum die cast chassis, market introduction of the All Ribbon series and the development year of the massless plasma tweeter. The All Ribbon 10 becomes the best-selling speaker in its class when introduced in 1978.
  • Magnat goes mobile

    Magnet entered the car audio market in 1983 already. In the mid 80s, the Car 5 built-in speakers adorned the dashboards of many cars. In addition to traditional home speakers, the Car Audio products quickly developed into a crucial cornerstone of success at Magnat.
  • The success continues

    In 1992, Rainer Haas gave control of the company to American hands. Product development, strategic product management, as well as all other marketing and product-related decisions have been and are today made at the company headquarters in Germany. Due to the strong financial backing of an American group, Magnat had access from this point on to bigger budgets for test laboratories and measuring equipment. From the start, this significant improvement in product development was reflected in subsequent outstanding product series such as the Vintage series from 1995. After many years of development work, Magnat crowns its own development work in 2001 with the most elaborate speaker in the company's history - the Vintage 990.
  • 40 years of Magnat - The legend lives

    As one of the leading international provider of high-quality home and car audio products in more than 50 countries, Magnat offers a comprehensive range of products. This ranges from the ultra-compact home cinema systems and state-of-the-art floorstanding speakers to the high-end line of electronics. The list of awards, test victories and trademark rights goes far back into the history of the company and continues impressively today. Ideas sometimes became product legends and from these, products with a cult status lasting over decades. In the anniversary year of 2013, the new high-end Quantum Signature transducer and hybrid RV 3 amplifier shall continue the success story of legendary Magnat products at the same level.

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